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Chapter Four of The Secret Diary of Bettie Page, out in late October!
Wraps up the first arc!

OCTOBER 2017: The DRAWING BLOOD Kickstarter was a roaring success, and now we get to make the graphic novel AND the first issue of its spin-off THE RADICALLY REARRANGED RONIN RAGDOLLS.  Kevin Eastman, of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame, brought me in as co-creator and writer of this dark-comedy look inside the comic book industry and portrait of a famous cartoonist on the skids. Kevin is an amazing friend and collaborator and I couldn’t be luckier than to be going down this creative path with him.

Meanwhile, issue four of BETTIE PAGE will be out in late October, with art by Esau Figueroa and Bane Wade. For details, you can read about it here.

Coming in late October/early November is the trade paperback of DOC SAVAGE: THE RING OF FIRE, a four-issue comic book mini-series. Doc Savage goes looking for Amelia Earhart and gets more action than he bargained for, as the South Pacific boils over in 1938. Got some ink in the Hollywood Reporter, here. It was fun to play in Doc’s world, and I hope to get back there sometime soon.

Finishing up the final editing on the Pershing documentary, BLACK JACK. That should be available for sale or rental sometime this winter.

Available now: with my usual sidekick Dave Acosta, I contributed one page to the LOVE IS LOVE anthology, whose proceeds benefit the victims and survivors of the Orlando Pulse shooting. Pick up a copy!  The trade paperback of last year’s TWILIGHT ZONE: THE SHADOW is out, joining my five issue steampunk miniseries:  Legenderry Vampirella.

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