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HOW IT WORKS: you drop me off copies of your scenes on DVD (or hard drive, or miniDV or, for the old-timers, even VHS). I do an unsupervised cut. I then upload the cut to a webpage where you can look it over and give notes. I do the notes, and either you can check the final cut online or you come by the bay to finish up. If needed, I then do a finer tune on the sound and color, and either upload it to the internet or burn a DVD master, or both.

I charge by the hour, and obviously it goes faster if you know which scenes you'd like on your reel, and where they are on the DVDs.  In most cases, the first time I do a reel for someone it can take between 2 and 5 hours... but I keep all the material on my hard drives, so that when you need to update your reel with a new scene it goes pretty quick.

I charge $ 60/hour.  I'll throw in a DVD or two for free.  If you need a handful of DVDs I can do those for $ 3.00 each.  If you need more than 10, I have a mass duplication place I can send you to who will do it for a very good price (lower than $ 2.50), but these days it's very rare that someone needs that many.  Drop me a line when you’re ready to go…

Demo Reels


Motion pictures made fresh daily.

I’ve been cutting demo reels since 1994.  In general, I try to create a smooth narrative flow to the reel and, where possible, recut scenes to emphasize the client. 

James Urbaniak: Actor Demo Reel