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My father, Michael Avallone, was a novelist.  He wrote around 200 published novels,

but his crowning achievement was the ED NOON series.

Noon is a hard-boiled New York City private eye in the Phillip Marlowe mode.

Funny, tough, obsessed with movies and the Mets, a White Knight in a battered porkpie.

He starts out as a low rent gumshoe in 1953... and by the 60s he’s been

recruited by the President of the United States as a Private Spy.

For many years, the Ed Noon series has been out of print... but starting in 2012,

Story Merchant Books has been rolling out the novels on Amazon.com as ebooks.  
The entire series will probably be out by sometime in 2015, including

three Noon adventures NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED.

So here’s your one-stop links page for all things Ed Noon.

THE BOOKS: On Amazon Kindle, but you can

read them on iPads, phones, computers, etc.

THE TWITTER: Quotes from the books, and

occasional commentary on the world of today.

THE BLOG: Ed Noon covers, news, ephemera.

THE FACEBOOK: Ed Noon is a good friend to have.